What is Pathways to Employment?

7 May, 2017


Pathways to Employment post-SCI is a project that was launched by Spire in late 2015 that focuses on finding one’s way to meaningful and fulfilling activity, whether it is work, volunteering, study or increased community participation in a person’s life post spinal cord injury (SCI).

Taking a community development approach, the project recognises that there are already existing resources in the field and so seeks to develop targeted supports and resources that will help link services, organisations and people that don’t – or won’t – connect on their own. Spire’s aim is to build capacity within the community by widening the flow of people navigating their own Pathway to Employment


The project is guided by an Advisory Group; made up of professionals within and outside of the SCI and disability sector, academics and people with lived-experience of SCI. So far, the project has yielded several outcomes, this includes community network group SCIP (Spinal Cord Injury Network of Professionals) and an employment themed WoT Day. Underway is also the development of an SCI and Employment webpage, including information and resources for employees and employers, which will be live on the Spire website in the coming months!

Spire is also working to develop the capacity of people in the SCI community to become specialist peer-support volunteers around employment and meaningful activity. Specialists will be upskilled by undertaking web based e-learning modules currently being designed in-house! These specialists will come from our general peer-support volunteers, the SCIP network group and the general SCI community. If this interests you, please contact us! emmabloom@spire.org.au        

What Does the Spinal Cord Injury Network of Professionals (SCIP) Group Do?



The Spinal Cord Injury Network of Professionals or ‘SCIP’ for short is a group that assist and support people with a SCI in all aspects of career development. They aim to connect professionals with disabilities interested in working together to attain valuable resources and support professionals with SCI regardless of their field or employment status. They do this by:

  • Utilising the lived-experience of people with a SCI to identify common barriers to employment.

  • Developing supports and resources to help reduce the barriers and make the pathway to employment easier.


SCIP also uses a community development approach to unlock experience and resources within lived experience as well as community organisations, services and programs. They seek to develop targeted supports designed to help make connections, build the capacity of individuals as well as groups and help people through direct mentoring.

SCIP are dedicated to building a collaborative network of individuals and organisations who value supporting people with a SCI in the employment environment. SCIP are in the process of producing their own brochure and developing a website; check it out if you are interested in learning more, and to attend a meeting or to become a member contact: emmabloom@spire.org.au       

Spire is continuously motivated by the lived-experience stories within the SCI community; the barriers and challenges to employment, as well as the triumphs, achievements and personal goals that are achieved. As the project continues to progress Spire looks forward to developing more tangible and valuable resources and connections that may help you with your own Pathway to Employment!

If you have an employment, study or meaningful activity (e.g. volunteering) story or experience that you would like to contribute via a blog or video we would love to hear from you! emmabloom@spire.org.au    

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