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Community is about people connecting with people. For Spire, community is about connecting with people with Spinal cord Injury (SCI), their carers, partners, families and people who engage with them in different ways; such as service providers, researchers, clinicians, academics and others. At Spire we seek to actively connect with all parts of the community around life with SCI; to be available for them to connect with us; and to help them connect with each other.  

For people who experience SCI, connecting with others is an important part of rehabilitation, ongoing recovery and building up their lives and the lives of those around them, one step at a time.

We invite you to connect, and contribute with us and through us to others in the SCI community.

Go to News & Events to see what’s happening in the community; connect with us to receive our bi-monthly Newsletter which shares information and articles and current news and events of interest to our community, follow our facebook page to keep updated via facebook, visit the blog to read articles written by members of our community on various topics and see the Classifieds noticeboard for classified community ads for second-hand equipment etc.

Connect through us to the SpinalHub at, which is an information and educational resource developed by the Victorian Spinal Cord Injury Program (VSCIP). You can join the conversations in their forum at, where you can post a question, tell your story, discuss an issue or help out other people solve problems of life with SCI.

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