Ben Winwood used his art to strengthen and inspire his community when under lockdown for Covid-19. He ended up with a precious gift in return.

A lot of us had plans for 2020 that Covid-19 put paid to. When restrictions were finally lifted, Emily Quattrocchi decided it was time to see her friends who lived in Warrnambool, something she had planned for earlier in the year. It was her first independent journey since her injury, and it held a little more drama than she'd have liked.

Barbara Simpson had a spinal cord injury in 2005 and completed her rehab at Olympia Private Rehabilitation Hospital in the Melbourne suburb of Thornbury. Olympia Private wasn’t dedicated to the rehab of people who have SCI, and so Barbara didn’t receive peer mentoring until she met AQA staff at a Regional Special Clinic operated by Austin Health. Barbara has recently relocated to New Zealand and wanted to share her experience.