Welcome to the Spire Community Blog. This is a place for our community to connect by sharing views and experiences, by finding common ground, or by discussing differences.

Content will range from short stories with a black humour element, to serious articles with sources cited.
Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) may, or may not, take centre stage. This is about life in its entirety and sometimes the SCI and the effects it has on our life is our main focus, and sometimes it’s not even in view.

Our bloggers are community members, who all live with a SCI, whether it is their own, or a family member’s.
You are invited to comment on the posts and we also welcome guest contributions; feel free to contact us if you'd like to become a guest blogger for Spire.

From Bendigo to Ballarat
27 February, 2018

After living in Gordon for 27 years, Alan talks about his move to Bendigo, staying in his caravan, and building a new accessible home.

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Popping the Bubble!
10 January, 2018

“Dave, there’s an opportunity going that might be up your alley” said Pete on the phone.“There’s a spot going for a 7-day trip sailing on a tall ship” 

“A tall ship ay? They’re not very wheelchair accessible” I said.

“Yeah, but this one is. It was built by the Jubilee Sailing Trust and it’s fully wheelchair accessible!  But there’s a catch... It leaves Monday!”

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My first snow skiing experience
31 December, 2017

Anthony Bartl’s latest adventure had him hitting the slopes for the first time at Victoria’s largest alpine resort, Falls Creek. With assistance from Disabled WinterSport Australia (DWA), Anthony thoroughly enjoyed his skiing experience.

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Welcome to the World, Eleven Parker McKenzie!
30 October, 2017

After a devastating spinal cord injury 21 years ago - and being told I would never walk again - I feel truly blessed to have had my baby girl, Eleven Parker McKenzie. Eleven was born on January 1st 2017 and as all new parents do, we've been through a significant adjustment in our lives, and although not always easy, the joy she brings makes it totally worth it (see blog post here).

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Origins and Superpowers
12 October, 2017

Martin shares how he responds to life’s misadventures and how we go about growing unity between ourselves and the world.

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