No Longer A Newbie

1 October, 2015

On the 29th of September I clocked up my SCI first year anniversary. So while I sat back and contemplated the massive journey so far, I finally feel like I have Graduated, and am no longer a ‘Newbie’ or - in Gamer speak - I have levelled up; got my add ons and buffs; purchased the expansion pack and am no longer playing Vanilla style SCI.

So here are the Top FIVE indications, that I am no longer an SCI Newbie.

#5: I am now totally possessive of my wheelchair. Nobody can touch it, look at it or even breathe on it, unless I say so. It has become such an extension of me that touching any part of it without permission is coming close to a sexual harassment claim.

Joe Swanson from Family Guy

#4: I have stopped sweating the small stuff completely because compared to a lot of obstacles I thought I had, living with SCI has made me squash other things like ants. I also have zero tolerance for ‘First Wold Problem’ whingers. “Oh, the Foxtel installation didn’t happen today, you poor thing. Now please excuse me for 20 minutes, I have to go pee through a straw.”

#3: I no longer find talking about bowel and bladder functions at any time (even if it comes up during meal times) inappropriate or embarrassing. 

#2: I no longer think that Karma bit me on the bum for singing that verse of Denis Leary’s song “while handicapped people, make handicapped faces” at the top of my voice and always laughing. Stuff just happens, period. And Joe Swanson from ‘Family Guy’ is now funnier and so much more relatable than ever.

#1: I have finally stopped asking “why me?” and now have a very resilient “why NOT me?” attitude.

While visiting my grandmother in Rehab last week after a recent leg break, we were chatting in the day room and comparing wheelchairs and walkers. My grandmother asked me what my injury was called again and I told her, “it’s a spinal cord injury Nan, or most people just say SCI”. To which another elderly patient turned to her friend and said, “CSI, I don’t like that show, too violent.”

Jacinta Burnicle resides in regional Victoria and has been living with a spinal cord injury since October 2014. Currently on the journey to weight loss in a wheelchair and some form of walking,  Jacinta enjoys films, novels, writing and all things science fiction.

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