SCI Poem

9 October, 2015

See these scars along my spine
I wear them night and day
If you could read them just like brail
I wonder what they'd say

Can you hear my sorrow
Do you touch my pain
No because with what l lost
I had enormous gain

I may never dance again
I won't wear high heels
But see this throne l sit upon
Behold its steely wheels

Strength and courage l have needed
I took it with both hands
So even though l cannot walk
In my heart up tall l stand

Crying will not cure me
Please don't waste your tears
I may be down here now
But l was up there too for years

Imperfections l have many
Of which l try to hide
But see these scars along my spine
I wear them all with pride

Jacinta Burnicle resides in regional Victoria and has been living with a spinal cord injury since October 2014. Currently on the journey to weight loss in a wheelchair and some form of walking, Jacinta enjoys films, novels, writing and all things science fiction.

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