Being Busy is Not a Badge of Honour

20 April, 2017

“Whatcha been up to?”

“I’ve been soooo busy.”

You hear it all the time, right? It’s like it’s a badge of honour and if you haven’t been busy, then somehow something’s not right about that.

People that are busy are often keeping themselves this way to disguise deeper emotional issues, they are fatigued, drained, unmotivated and find themselves;

Too busy to eat well.

Too busy to sleep well.

Too busy to exercise.

Too busy to catch up meaningfully with loved ones.

The question is busy with what? Answering emails? Working long hours? Putting other people’s well-being before your own? Doing stuff that’s not that important just so that you look busy? Looking after the kids? Whatever….to me busy can mean so many different things but often we have a misconception of what being busy actually is.


"Often we have a misconception of what being busy really is - being busy doesn't make you a hero"

"Get off the treadmill of life and ensure your life is balanced"

Being busy doesn’t make you a hero, in fact, in my humble opinion, it’s a recipe for health, relationship and emotional problems. It’s a different story if you’re busy doing something you love, you feel a semblance of balance in your life and it’s not detrimental to your life in any way.

Some of the most successful people I know are busy but they are efficient and productive with their time and get the balance right. They get their work done, have their finances sorted as well as having time to nurture themselves and spend time with loved ones. It’s a skill, for sure, but with the right attitude and mindset, it is totally achievable.

So what happens if you find yourself in the busy trap? What do you do?You put your solutions based mindset hat on and make some changes. Ask yourself what is the solution here. Don’t be the victim and make some changes. Some of these changes might well be some hard-core calls to make and could make you and the people around you feel uncomfortable. But what would you rather?

  • Picture what the consequences will be if you DO NOT make changes. What will life be like in 6 months if you remain on this path? How will your health be affected?
  • Get off the treadmill of life and find a solution to ensure your life is balanced.
  • Take small steps at first. Small changes can be really effective. Slowly build up.
  • Prioritise the things you see as important in your life and do not compromise on these things. Your values in life are your compass. If you are not living in congruence with your values you are not living a fulfilled life.
  • Rise earlier in the morning and ensure you get the nutrition, movement and nurturing you need before the day starts. Yip that’s a simple one. Get up earlier. Get shit done.
  • Turn off electronics by 9pm or earlier if you can and start to wind down. Prepare yourself for sleep and ensure you go to bed with a clear mind. Having an empty inbox is not important. Your sleep and recovery are.
  • Reassess the things that do not enable you to achieve balance. Get it done.
  • Take moments throughout the day to breathe, meditate or switch off.
  • Eat mindfully, slowly and nutritiously without distractions. Eat and Be. Do not eat and check Facebook or read the newspaper or walk around. Sit there, give thanks and enjoy the peace.
  • Just like the Scouts do, plan and prepare for the following day. People eat crap food when they get caught out. What do you need to do to ensure you eat well if you’re busy? How do you schedule time in to get at least 5 hours of exercise per week?

The point here is, by nurturing yourself, by preparing, scheduling and prioritising your health, you become a better parent, employee, friend, person and you actually achieve more. Like I said before, get off the treadmill, take a breath and make some changes.


"By nurturing yourself, you become a better parent, employee, friend, person and you actually achieve more."

Curtis Palmer is a Paralympian wheelchair rugby player, qualified personal trainer, coach, motivational speaker and father. He has also been a journalist, TV presenter and authored a book about his life's journey:

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