Sargood Is Sooo Good

6 July, 2017

How many times have you been on holiday and the accommodation is doing its best to be accessible, but their version of making things easy has missed the mark, and it’s either hideous, tacked on, or over the top crazy accessible, like in a hospital. It seems like most places “add on” to make things accessible, which is a nice gesture, but it makes me kinda feel like if they didn’t have to do it, they wouldn’t have made an effort.

"It’s amazing. There are no "add-ons". Everything has been put into place with wheelchair users in mind."

Have you guys heard about the brand new 5-star resort up in Sydney called Sargood? It’s amazing. There are no "add-ons". Everything has been put into place with wheelchair users in mind. Plus, it sits subtly on Collaroy Beach, one of the most accessible beaches in the country.

My wife and I were invited to stay for a few nights, to test it out before it’s opened up for business in a few weeks’ time. I helped Sargood set up their 100% accessible gym. Other than that I am in no way affiliated to Sargood, and writing this blog is something I’m doing because I believe that everyone should experience at least one night at this beautiful place.

I’ll run out of superlatives to describe how great this place is. For the first time, I had a holiday where everything was just so easy. Not only was the location awesome, but the room was every bit of 5 stars.

We went to sleep with the sound of waves crashing outside the balcony, and sweet, salty air wafting in. We could have set the air-conditioning to 23 degrees, but nature won out.

This place is fully automated, from the doors to the remote control blinds, doors, lights, heating & cooling, TV - all controlled by a fancy iPad. The magnificent, accessible bathroom, with the optional use of a hoist that comes down from the ceiling, was truly impressive.

It’s no BS when I say that I literally had the best shower of my life, simply because it was ridiculously easy to use. The chair that comes out from the wall was fully adjustable and comfy as. I felt totally safe, and the showerhead was a champion.

The toilet paper was made from glow-worm silk, imported from India!

The kitchen was perfect to get ideas about accessible design. We didn’t cook while we were there but the bench height could be adjusted at the push of a button, which has a downside….I had to do the dishes…no excuses now! Even if you had some mates over or family members stay with you, you could use the communal kitchen, which is equally impressive and accessible, with a great view and an open plan. They even had a thermomix….!

The lifts are enormous.

The staff; experienced, friendly and inconspicuous.

The stay was refreshing, energizing and inspiring.

Finally, funding is available if you and your family need some respite. Explore the funding!!!

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Curtis Palmer is a Paralympian wheelchair rugby player, qualified personal trainer, coach, motivational speaker and father. He has also been a journalist, TV presenter and authored a book about his life's journey:

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