Welcome to the Spire Community Blog. This is a place for our community to connect by sharing views and experiences, by finding common ground, or by discussing differences.

Content will range from short stories with a black humour element, to serious articles with sources cited.
Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) may, or may not, take centre stage. This is about life in its entirety and sometimes the SCI and the effects it has on our life is our main focus, and sometimes it’s not even in view.

Our bloggers are community members, who all live with a SCI, whether it is their own, or a family member’s.
You are invited to comment on the posts and we also welcome guest contributions; feel free to contact us if you'd like to become a guest blogger for Spire.

About hygiene in flu season: talk
16 March, 2020

Precautions for avoiding infection with coronavirus or the flu may feel awkward in practice. Talking with friends and carers can help keep you healthy.

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History of AQA: How AQA Victoria got its name
7 November, 2019

AQA Victoria began as a Melbourne office for the Sydney-based Australian Quadriplegic Association. When the parent group demanded that its Melbourne branch sever ties, founding CEO Ian Bennett cheekily adapted its branding.

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Highs – and lows – from a life lived in the moment
9 September, 2019

Outdoor sports enthusiast Jason Ellery and his wife, Nicole Ellery, open up about married life with a young family and a spinal cord injury.

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Don’t sweat it: Rest up and heal that pressure sore
13 May, 2019

When Spire team leader Naz Erdem broke out in a sweat just from sitting, he did not think straight away that he might have a pressure injury. He tells of his confronting discovery, and of how he went about healing himself.

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Best mate or killjoy? That little voice in your head
25 April, 2019

Spire information officer Wayne Bradshaw shares his experience about a narrow escape that he had recently when transferring to his chair in a busy car park.

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