Welcome to the Spire Community Blog. This is a place for our community to connect by sharing views and experiences, by finding common ground, or by discussing differences.

Content will range from short stories with a black humour element, to serious articles with sources cited.
Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) may, or may not, take centre stage. This is about life in its entirety and sometimes the SCI and the effects it has on our life is our main focus, and sometimes it’s not even in view.

Our bloggers are community members, who all live with a SCI, whether it is their own, or a family member’s.
You are invited to comment on the posts and we also welcome guest contributions; feel free to contact us if you'd like to become a guest blogger for Spire.

Finding freedom and family in the Americas
25 November, 2020

Not long after he completed rehab for a spinal cord injury he received in 2010, peer support mentor Lachie O'Brien took up competitive hand cycling. That same adventurous spirit recently took him to a wedding in Mexico, and a four-month trip through the Americas.

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A volcano, a puppet show and a few hurdles
23 November, 2020

Last March, Anthony Bartl travelled to Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. The trip was full of joy, surprise and frustration - like all travel, only more so. Anthony uses a powered wheelchair and breathes with the help of a ventilator. 

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The gifts of my garden during lockdown
22 October, 2020

In 2015, after climbing South Korea's third highest mountain, Young Ok sustained a spinal cord injury in a car crash. Almost five years on, she has been getting through lockdown by tending to her custom-built garden and engaging with curious neighbours. 

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When a stranger asks if you had a ceasarean
9 October, 2020

As a mother living with a spinal cord injury, Katherine Reed has endured her share of inappropriate questions. For the most part, she keeps her cool and frames these moments as educational opportunities. 

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Quadriplegia with COVID-19: One man’s story
8 September, 2020

Now that he has adapted to living with a spinal cord injury, Les is not easily rattled. So when he learned that he might have COVID-19, he didn’t think it was such a big deal.

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