Shepparton Regional Network

Living regionally, outside of Greater Melbourne, can affect access to services, and can be socially isolating. We have a vision for connecting and supporting people that live in regional Victoria and Tasmania.

The Shepparton Regional Network was started mid 2016 after surveying people living with SCI in the Hume - Southern Loddon areas of regional Victoria for their interests and preferences.

The group is open and always interested in welcoming new members to the group. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to join, attend a meeting or learn more about it.

You can browse through the articles below to follow the activities of the group.

Shepparton SCI Regional Network Meeting - November 2017
15 November, 2017

The November Shepparton SCI Regional Network meeting was a social BBQ hosted by group member, Peter, in Rochester. The meeting had no set agenda, so it was an opportunity for Peter to showcase some fantastic toys and equipment; which included demonstrating his ParaGolfer - an all-terrain wheelchair that places the user in an upright position to allow for a more conventional golf swing. 

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Shepparton SCI Regional Network Meeting - October 2017
1 November, 2017

For their latest meeting held at The Peppermill, the Shepparton SCI Regional Network welcomed Christine - a new member and first time attendee, Yvette - a Disability Support Worker from AQA, and Gabby Pragnaratne from Coloplast.

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Shepparton SCI Regional Network Meeting - September 2017
26 September, 2017

The September Shepparton SCI Regional Network meeting, held at the Peppermill, had no set agenda so attendees were free to discuss any issues or advice they liked!

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Shepparton SCI Regional Network Meeting - August 2017
30 August, 2017

Attendees at the August Shepparton SCI Regional Network meeting were joined by Sionnie Kelly from the local Shepparton News for interviews and photo opportunities! The group was excited to see the interviews featured in the August edition of the Shepparton news, who have been active in promoting the SCI community and SCI Regional Network events.

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Shepparton SCI Regional Network July 2017
27 July, 2017

The July Shepparton Regional Network meeting consisted of two four-hour pain management sessions with Dr Andrew Sinclair and May Cidgem from Independence Australia.

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