Women with SCI Network

The Women with SCI Network group aims to create a comfortable, open and confidential space that encourages everyone to share ideas and experiences; with a vision of connecting and supporting women living with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and similar complex physical disabilities. The group started in December 2017, after surveying women living with SCI across Victoria, for their interests and preferences of what they would want to see in a group specifically for women.  

The group is engaged in setting their own agendas and is always open and interested in welcoming new members so please feel free to contact us if you would like to join, attend a meeting or learn more about it. You can browse through the articles below to follow the activities of the group which range from hosting guest speakers on topics such as health and wellbeing and sexual health, activities, group discussions and social outings.

Empowering and supporting all women to move and dance
14 November, 2019

The Women with SCI Network learned the importance of supporting all women to be more physically active, and learned some new dance moves.

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New ways to manage your bladder and bowel
1 August, 2019

Two clinical nurse consultants addressed the Women with SCI Network in July, outlining the latest developments in bladder and bowel management.

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Yes, you can dance – and here’s how
12 July, 2019

Colombia-born Rocca Salcedo had long grieved for her ability to express herself through social dancing. And then she saw an opportunity to change that – and not only for herself.

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Women with SCI Network meeting – October 2018
9 October, 2018

For their October meeting the Women with SCI Network met at Span Community House in Thornbury. Fiona Skene from Wise Self-Defense facilitated an instructional and practical self-defense class for all abilities. 

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Women with SCI Network meeting – August 2018
27 August, 2018

For their August meeting the Women with SCI Network group met at Span Community House in Thornbury. The session was led by Sal Dema, Manager of Peer Support Services at the Austin Hospital, and Yoga and Meditation instructor with many years of experience.

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