30 August, 2016

The first official Spinal Cord Injury Network of Professionals (SCIP) meeting took place on Tuesday, August 23, 2016. The group is open to people that are living and working in the community with a spinal cord injury (SCI) who have an interest in networking around career development and progression.

It was great to have the SCIP group meet again for the first official meeting, after having the planning meeting earlier in the year. The group is made up of professionals, academics and others that are living and working in the community with a spinal cord injury (SCI); to help widen the flow of people navigating their own pathways to employment.

“All coming away feeling very positive; feeding through ideas for a name, logo and network brochure."

"We set some ground rules, to get a very firm foundation to the network in moving forward.''

The meeting was held at Lonely Planet’s corporate offices in Melbourne; the workplace of group member, Martin Heng, who is Lonely Planet’s Accessible Travel Manager.

The group first discussed designing and producing a brochure which outlines the networks goals, purpose and objectives. Such a brochure would bring about many advantages such as good introduction point for new network members as well as an information piece when advocating to organisations and employers about what they are hoping to achieve.

The group also spoke about the importance of approaching and advocating to businesses and employers to help break down the barriers around employing people living with a SCI.

As a whole, it was an energetic and interesting meeting which left the members excited about the shared ideas, possibilities and overall vision of what the network could achieve; such as a community forum to start generating interest within the community, and an opportunity to share information, knowledge and resources about returning to work post-SCI. Also providing employment specific peer-support, and shadowing and mentoring within the workplace.

The group concluded by setting a small list of actions and milestones to achieve before the next meeting in December and to have a think about ways in which the group can be promoted for others to join!

“Utilise the SCI-lived experience to identify common facilitators and barriers to employment."

SCIP is an initiative that came from Spire's Pathways to Employment Project and the projects Advisory Group.

SCIP is an open group, so if you are an individual living with a SCI or an employer that would like to explore their diversity and disability employment options please contact the Spire Project Officer: [email protected]

Details of our next event

Thursday, 02 Mar 2017

04:00 PM

Lonely Planet Corporate Office

551 Swanston St, Carlton, VIC 3053

SCIP Meeting - March 2017

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