SCIP Planning Meeting

9 May, 2016

The Spinal Cord Injury Network of Professionals (SCIP) is an initiative that came from Spire’s Pathways to Employment Advisory Group.

The SCIP group is made up of professionals, academics and others, living with a spinal cord injury (SCI) – to focus on the importance of helping others find their way to meaningful activity, whether it be work, study, volunteering or community participation.

The group recently had their first planning meeting at the AQA office in Fairfield to share their thoughts and ideas, and to scope the central objectives that will drive the group goals.

The group comprises a ‘powerhouse’ of knowledge, skills, experience and varying employment backgrounds; all of which will contribute to a multi-faceted and focused approach.

Some of the focal points of discussion were; building a database of information and resources that can reach wider into community, advocating to large businesses or employers to educate them about the benefits of employing a person with a disability, and the logistics of communicating workplace needs such as travel, and daily living requirements to your employer.

"We are hoping to develop networks with employer organisations, and into the industry.."

"The group aims to bring people with a spinal cord injury together, to talk about employment... sharing information, tips & supports to help people get back to work."

As the year progresses, the group will have their first official meeting, to further define and develop some of the objectives into strategies and actions; and before the year ends, look at inviting a large organisation or employer to attend a meeting in which the group can share information and educate around the benefits of building a diverse workplace and employing people with a disability – helping eliminate employer concerns through knowledge building.

The group is passionate, supportive of one another, enthusiastic about the ideas that have arisen so far, and look forward to what they can build and achieve as a group, for people living with a SCI and other disabilities.

SCIP is an open group, so, if you are an individual living with SCI, or an employer that would like to explore their diversity and disability employment options, please contact our Project Officer, Emma Bloom at [email protected]

Proposed PURPOSE and GOALS generated from the planning meeting are:


  • To meet professionals with SCI (employment status does not matter) to discuss the issues affecting their workforce participation.
  • To connect with fellow professionals with disabilities interested in working together to attain valuable results.
  • To support professionals with SCI no matter their career field, title, current employment status, or degree of success they are having in their careers. They may be just ready to begin their careers, volunteering, unemployed, employed, underemployed, part time, self-employed, unable to work, on pension, retired etc. Disability may have been acquired before entering the workforce, or during their careers.
  • Be dedicated to building a supportive and collaborative network of individuals (with and without disabilities) and organisations that support the mandate and philosophy of the group.



  • To provide a focal point for professionals with SCI to define, develop and implement resources and supports that enable them to successfully participate in work and the community.
  • To increase the awareness, knowledge, understanding and acceptance of professionals with SCI and their capabilities.
  • To encourage professionals with SCI to develop to their full potential; to find, retain, and advance in employment appropriate with their skills, knowledge and abilities.
  • To highlight and address life and quality of life issues that impact and/or are impacted by the career realities that professionals with SCI face.
  • To support professionals with SCI to participate fully in society.
  • To provide professionals with SCI with opportunities for camaraderie, networking, mentor-ship and support.
  • To improve the disability supports, rehabilitation, education, training and employment and career development/advancement opportunities for professionals with SCI (and for other people with SCI) who want to enter a professional career path.

Details of our next event

Tuesday, 23 Aug 2016

04:00 PM

Lonely Planet Corporate Office

551 Swanston St, Carlton, VIC 3053

SCIP Meeting - August 2016

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