What's Out There (WOT) Day - August 2017

25 August, 2017

Several times a year, we hold community living expos, called WOT (What's Out There) Days which showcase the possibilities of life with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) in the community. The most recent What’s Out There (WOT) Day, held on the 9th August at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, was a huge success, with over 200 guests attending. The event is aimed at preparing current patients for life after rehab - from bladder and bowel concerns, to travel and sexuality and so on.

The day started with panel members John, Dave, Joy, Martin, Anthony, and Annie talking about their time in rehab and returning home to their communities. This included techniques they used, goals they set, and troubleshooting. The motivational speakers also discussed how they acquired their injuries, and challenges they faced post spinal cord injury (SCI). The subject of adaptation and positivity, travel and the important role of preparation stood out.

The panel discussion was followed by a BBQ lunch and small group discussions, where participants discussed anything from shopping and transport, to equipment and overseas travel.

The BBQ lunch was followed with an exhibit of various leisure and sporting equipment, different types of wheelchairs including off-road ones, and a range of modified vehicles including accessible vans, modified sedans and wagons. There was also a hot-rod which was very popular. Guests also tried their hand at playing table tennis, which was an exhibit provided by Paralympians.

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