Women with SCI Network - December 2017

21 December, 2017

The planning meeting for the Women with SCI Network was held at SPAN Community House in Thornbury on Saturday the 16th of December 2017.

It was a well-attended meeting of women living with spinal cord injury (SCI) from across Victoria who brought along plenty of enthusiasm and ideas. The group discussed hosting guest speakers on topics such as physical and mental health, the NDIS, sexual health, intimacy and relationships, alternative therapies, new technology and more. They would also like to organise events and activities and advocate around areas such as venue accessibility, transport and female specific health needs. A focal point of conversation was creating a comfortable, open and confidential space that encourages everyone to share ideas and experiences that benefit others as well as themselves.



Moving into 2018, the group will work on finalising a terms of reference as well as a mission and vision for the group - something that everyone can adhere to ensure the confidential, honest and transparent nature of the group is upheld. In the coming months the women in the group will also be invited to be part of an online platform for women living with SCI so conversations can continued to be discussed outside of the official network meetings; and provide a space for those that may not be able to physically attend the meetings.

While still in its initial planning stages the group is passionate, supportive of one another, enthusiastic about the ideas that have arisen so far, and look forward to what they can build and achieve as a group. Spire is excited to resource and support a unique and specialised group specific to women with SCI and so if this interested you, or you would like to find out more please refer to the contact details below. The Women with SCI Network will meet the first Saturday of every 2 months, starting from February 3rd, 2018. You can check out the notes from the planning meeting here!  


Details of our next event

Saturday, 03 Feb 2018

01:00 PM

7th April , 2nd June, 4th August, 6th October, 1st December

64 Clyde Street, Thornbury

Street parking, small car park adjacent to venue 

Guest speaker Curtis Palmer presenting on Health and Fitness

Monday 22nd January: [email protected] or 03 9489 0777

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