Ballarat SCI Regional Network - July 2017

22 August, 2017

The Ballarat SCI Regional Network group met at The Sporting Globe over lunch for their July monthly meeting. Post lunch, everyone proceeded to the Regent Cinema to see the movie, Paris Can Wait. It was an enjoyable film, about two people travelling to Paris and enjoying the sights along the way; stopping at various hotels and restaurants sample delightful French cuisine.

The footpath outside the cinema has been levelled, making it easy for wheelchair and mobility scooter users to enter the venue. Previously, someone from the cinema would bring out a ramp. The disabled toilet has also been upgraded, with the door being widened, and a press button to open the door. Also, Choc Tops now come in a variety of flavours. Who knew!

The agenda for the next meeting is an exciting one, with the group going to the Gold Museum in Ballarat to see the Doctor Blake (TV Series) exhibition, and the Gold museum itself. The group will first meet for lunch at The Early Settlers Restaurant (in Golden Point, near the Gold Museum).

Please note:
The September meeting, on September 21, will be with the Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.
The October meeting will be on October 19.
The November meeting will be on November 16.

If anyone has any ideas for the meetings for the aforementioned dates, please let Barbara know.

Details of our next event

Thursday, 24 Aug 2017

12:30 PM

Septembet 21: Meeting with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

The Early Settlers Restaurant

429 Main Rd., Golden Point, Ballarat

Parking is available.

Post lunch, proceed to the Gold Museum. 

PLease RSVP by Monday, 21st August to Barbara at [email protected] or SMS on 0402 865 528.

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