Bendigo Regional SCI network July 2017 meeting

19 July, 2017

The Bendigo SCI Regional Network (Central Victoria) met at the Bendigo Stadium Bistro on the 19th of July. It was a great opportunity to discuss issues from our last meeting like accessible parking and the NDIS. During this discussion, we also thought it would be great to re-invite the City of Greater Bendigo Council to give us updates from our queries last month.

It was great to see an old face return to the group and hearing what he’s been doing lately. We welcome anyone from the community joining us, regardless if they have a spinal injury or not.

Even though the NDIS has been rolling out over the past few weeks in the area, people are still unsure about what they are entitled to and what they aren’t. Questions still remain when it comes to Mobility Allowance and Medical supplies like enemas.

This tells us that we need to keep the discussion ongoing by sharing people’s experiences.

"People are still unsure about what they are and aren't entitled to under the NDIS"

We have pencilled in some subjects of interest and will invite specialists in the area to talk about the following over the next few months starting in August:
• Pain Workshop
• Sleep Workshop
• Pressure sores
• Updates on access in the area

Please join us on the 23rd of August where we will have a guest speaker to talk about the NDIS , give us updates and answer some of our question. Erin is one of the Local Area Coordinators. If you aren’t able to make it in person and have questions, please call or email Naz or Noel from the contact details below.

Event Details

Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017

01:00 PM

Bendigo Stadium Bistro

134 Marong Rd., West bendigo

Naz 03 9489 0777, [email protected]
Noel 0400 669 058, [email protected]

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