Bendigo SCI Regional Network Meeting - November 2017

28 November, 2017

The Bendigo SCI Regional Network met on November 22 at the Bendigo Stadium Bistro

Unfortunately our planned special guest speaker, Andrea Minnis from the Bendigo Wound Management Clinic, had to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances.  However, the group will invite her back in the New Year. Andrea will be able to inform us on prevention methods, what to look out for, complications, pressure relief, and how to treat pressure sores.  Andrea is a clinical nurse with a vast knowledge of wound care and pressure sores. She has over 20 years’ experience working with clients with chronic and complex wounds and is the immediate Past President of the Australian Wound Management Association of Victoria. Andrea provides specialist assessment and management of clients with all types of wounds and oedema (swelling).

In Andrea’s absence, the group discussed camping, travel, and accessible vehicles. Lots of people want to be as independent as possible, which is why driving and vehicle modifications are such important topics. Members of the network use a variety of different types of vehicles, from sedans, wagons, self-drive vans to accessible vans that they have friends, family and carers drive.

Another hot topic was travel, in particular camping and road trips. It was great to hear everyone’s individual stories, including how great travel can be, any complications that may arise and solutions they figured out.

The travel discussion led to the topic of public transport and what was available for trips into Melbourne. One member talked about his experience with V/Line trains – it’s a handy way of travel to go to the footy, zoo, museums and other Melbourne attractions. There is an organisation in Melbourne called Traveller Aid, which assists people with disabilities plan their travel in Melbourne. The group may try and get someone from Traveller Aid to speak at a meeting in 2018.

Details of our next event

Wednesday, 20 Dec 2017

01:00 AM

Bendigo Stadium Bistro

134 Marong Road, West Bendigo

Christmas lunch

Naz 03 9489 0777 or [email protected]

Noel 0400 669 058 or [email protected]

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