Bendigo SCI Regional Network Meeting - October 2017

25 October, 2017

For their October meeting the Bendigo SCI Regional Network met at the Bendigo Stadium Bistro for a social catch-up with accessible travel on the agenda.

Accessible travel is the largest growing market segment in the travel industry worldwide. Group members enjoyed sharing personal stories of travelling alone or in groups with friends and family. Most have found that using travel agencies, whether it be for general advice or helping organise entire trips, incredibly beneficial.

They also shared that without taking chances, experiences cannot be had, and pitfalls cannot be improved upon. One very important discovery is that when travelling by plane it is imperative to think about things like transit times, cabin class, airline and types of plane before booking as sometimes your wheelchair may not be available for use during transit.

Group members have also had positive travel experiences with cruises due to their great accessibility, often the newer or refitted ships being more accessible than those that are older. Overall, it was a great network meeting, where members enjoyed sharing stories and asking questions of others that they will now apply to their own travel adventures in the future!

Details of our next event

Wednesday, 22 Nov 2017

11:00 AM

Bendigo Stadium Bistro

134 Marong Road, West Bendigo

Presentation by Andrea Minnis on Wound Management

Naz 03 9489 0777 or [email protected]

Noel 0400 669 058 or [email protected]

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