Ballarat Regional Network Meeting - April 2018

8 May, 2018

The April meeting for the Ballarat SCI Regional Network was held at the Ballarat North Sports Club, where they learned about diet and health from the knowledgeable Carly, a dietician from Ballarat Community Health.

The group was excited to welcome Carly as a guest speaker. Although everyone knows that a healthy diet is important for a healthy life, in practical terms it can be very difficult to maintain! Carly explained that having a new diet to lose weight and increase general wellbeing may start off well for many, but the motivation can decrease within three weeks because the body physically misses and craves the food that it used to have. People then start to eat more, exercise less, and often find themselves having to diet again. The group learned that the best way to lose weight and eat well is to ask “how can I enjoy eating the right foods as well as exercise?”

It was advised to consider portion sizes by eating your meal off a smaller plate instead of a dinner plate. Fibre is especially important to help the body feel full and to also assist with bowel management. It was suggested to consume at least 25 -30 grams of fibre per day, which can be obtained from foods such as wholegrain products, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Fibre can also be taken from over-the-counter supplements. It’s also important to consider including protein, vegetables and fruit in your diet, and how much fluid you need. Food such as fish and chips, burgers and ice cream can still be eaten, but only as an occasional treat!

For more information on how to find the best diet for you, speak with a local dietician. Overall the group enjoyed what they learned from Carly and look forward to implementing some of the tips into their own lives.

Details of our next event

Thursday, 17 May 2018

11:00 AM

Art Gallery of Ballarat

40 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat

Available in Lydiard Street, Mair Street and surrounding streets

Lunch will be at the Sporting Globe Bar and Grill. Then a visit to Art Gallery for beautiful Australian artwork –free entry.

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