What's Out There (WOT) Day, April 2018

9 April, 2018

Another fun, social and informative WOT Day is coming up on April 11th 2018 at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre in Kew. WOT day is designed for those currently going through rehab and those who have recently transitioned to the community to connect with, receive guidance and gain insight from the wider community of people with lived experience of SCI.

The day commences with a panel discussion made up of people who have lived with SCI for a number of years in the community. The panel members share their experience, strength and practical advice around navigating life in the wider community. The topics usually range from travel, through to pain management and mental & emotional health.

After an delicious BBQ lunch, attendees break off into smaller discussion groups to cover topics such as health and fitness, work and study, leisure, family and relationships. A number of exhibits will also be available for participants to view and learn about, including modified wheelchairs and transport options.

Event Details

Wednesday, 11 Apr 2018

11:00 AM

Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre

1 Yarra Blvd., Kew, VIC 3101

Directions for visitors are available here.

Parking is available on-site.

Naz Erdem - [email protected]; phone (03) 9489 0777

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