What's Out There (WOT) Day - April 2018

8 May, 2018

Another informative and entertaining WOT Day was held on April 11 at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre. WOT day is designed for those currently going through rehab, as well as those who have recently transitioned to the community. The event serves as a platform to connect with, receive guidance and gain insight from the wider spinal cord injury (SCI) community.

As WOT days continue to grow with participants, we were forced to use the basketball court area for the panel. Being a bigger area, the panel member’s voices get drowned out. However, thanks to the generosity of the Robert Rose Foundation, we were able to purchase a wireless microphone system for the panel members so that they can be heard. We even have some roaming microphones for the audience to ask questions.

The day commenced with a panel discussion comprising of peer-support volunteer and individuals who have lived with a SCI for several years. The panel members shared their experiences, strengths and practical advice around navigating life in the wider community. They spoke about how they learnt to do things differently post-injury. Setting small, medium and large goals each day/ week/ month helped to give them focus, e.g. learning to do transfers, to eventually getting into the car by themselves, and driving. The topics ranged from travel, through to pain management and mental & emotional health. They learned to accept what they could not do, and made the most of what they could do to be independent.

After an incredible BBQ lunch, attendees broke off into smaller discussion groups to cover topics such as health and fitness, work and study, camping, adventure and family and relationships. A number of exhibits were also available for participants to look at and learn about, including modified wheelchairs and transport options.

Spire and the Royal Talbot look forward to holding more beneficial and enjoyable WOT days on August 15th and December 12th 2018.

If you're interested in resourcing a future WOT Day as a panel members and/or exhibitor please contact [email protected] or phone (03) 9489 0777

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