Bendigo SCI Regional Network Meeting - February 2018

20 February, 2018

The first meeting of 2018 for the Bendigo SCI Regional Network was held on February 14 at the Bendigo Bistro Stadium. The group was happy to welcome three new members! The guest speaker for the day was Andrea Minnis from the Bendigo Wound Management Clinic

Andrea is a clinical nurse with over twenty years of experience working with clients with chronic and complex wounds, had a wealth of knowledge about wound care and pressure sores to share with the group. A lot of people with a spinal cord injury have experienced pressure sores, which can keep one in bed for weeks or even months.

Andrea focused on the types of different pressure sores, signs to look out for, complications, treatment and pressure relief, including cushions, dressing and creams. Andrea also mentioned a publication called “Pan Pacific Clinical Practice Guideline for the Prevention and Management of Pressure Injury” that may be a useful read.

After Andrea’s talk, the group discussed travel, including flying, the process of getting on and off aircrafts and pressure care during travel. A lot of questions were asked and answered. All in all, the group had a great time catching up after a long break over the Christmas period and gaining valuable information on wound and pressure sore management. Everybody is excited and looking forward to what the year ahead may bring!

Details of our next event

Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018

11:00 AM

Group member, Ben’s home

Contact RSVP for address

Curtis Palmer presenting on health and fitness, sport and leisure

Naz on 03 9489 0777 (toll free 1800 999 128) or [email protected]

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