Bendigo SCI Regional Network Meeting - July 2018

7 August, 2018

On Wednesday 11 July, the Bendigo SCI Regional Network met at the warm Borough Club to learn more about superannuation and income investment. Darren Flett, Financial Advisor and Director at Jackman Flett & Associates, had a wealth of knowledge to share with the group.

Given the group had different individual situations, Darren started his presentation by providing a broad overview on his background and financial advising services. The group then learned how income investment could benefit them and the risks involved. He spoke in lay terms about the importance of a diverse portfolio, and cleared up misconceptions regarding investing in property, shares, and bonds. Darren also touched briefly on superannuation and acknowledged the complexity of accessing superannuation early or to make a claim for Total Permanent Disability.

Everyone found him knowledgeable in answering their questions, and was impressed by his delivery and experiences. The group would welcome him back for another discussion in the future. The take home message from the meeting is to find a local financial advisor to learn more about making the most of your superannuation or income investments for your personal situation.

Afterwards, everyone tucked into the delicious lunch served by the Borough Club, and discussed issues such as local public transport and parking, recommended accessible venues in Bendigo to each other, and shared experiences to get to know each other more. Overall, despite the cold and rainy weather, the group enjoyed the social and informative August meeting.

Details of our next event

Wednesday, 08 Aug 2018

11:00 AM

Bendigo Library

259 Hargreaves St, Bendigo VIC 3550

Disabled parking available in front of library and on surrounding streets

Planning meeting, Information Booklet, NDIS

Spire Team 9489 0777 (toll free 1300 999 128), [email protected]

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