Bendigo Regional SCI Network Meeting – May 2018

4 June, 2018

The May meeting of the Bendigo SCI Regional Network was held at one of the meeting rooms of the beautiful and accessible Bendigo Library, where the Network discussed about accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The group welcomed Spire’s own NDIS specialist, Fiona, who shared her vast knowledge of the NDIS to help the individuals access the scheme to its full potential. Spire’s Peter Van Benthem was also present with his wealth of lived experience and humour.

As the NDIS has already rolled out in Bendigo and many people are preparing for or using their second plan, the focus of the session was to look at current plans, how they were being implemented, and how to prepare for future plans. Although there have been many changes to the NDIS, the fundamentals of choice and control remained the same.

Fiona shared ideas on how people can explore their NDIS plans and plan for future plans. For example, seeing specific people (e.g. an occupational therapist) to explore ways to access funding, and for assessments and reports which can then be used to strengthen goals. She agrees that the NDIS can be confusing despite all the information out there, so she advised the Network to understand the system, think about future-proofing, and use the available funding.

Fiona and Peter both encouraged good record keeping for ease of planning. When it is time for a plan review, good record keeping enables one to be in the best possible position to receive a plan that accurately reflects one’s needs.

One member shared his story of how difficult it was to access the NDIS for the first time, which resulted in many delays in obtaining the equipment he needed to return home from rehabilitation. He was grateful for his case manager and occupational therapist, both of whom were brilliant at organising the NDIS for him and made sure his needs were currently met. Another member was ineligible for the NDIS, but still found the group discussion beneficial. The conversation gave him ideas about the different products he could use and allied health professionals to see.

The Network thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the NDIS and gained inspiration on how to improve their plans! Given how confusing the NDIS is, Spire will host another NDIS information session for the Bendigo SCI Regional Network, so please keep an eye out for it! Fiona and Peter will also be hosting NDIS pre-planning workshops at the Spire office. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, gain information, and learn useful tips and tricks to navigate the NDIS. The next session is Thursday 21 June. Please register via the spire website.

If anyone would like to speak to Fiona for more information, please call on 03 9489 0777 or email [email protected]

Details of our next event

Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018

11:30 AM

The Rising Sun Hotel

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