Bendigo SCI Regional Network Meeting - September 2018

1 October, 2018

Jo and Bronwyn introduced the different services they provide, particularly for people living with a spinal cord injury. Their Outreach Program is available for anyone to contact at any time. They are also well connected with Bendigo Health’s other services so they can ensure you see the right people. They also spoke about how their service fits in with the NDIS, and what is health and disability related.

Although NDIS still has some complications, things are being worked out. One of the participants spoke about how his Mobility Allowance was cut-off once he was accepted into the NDIS. After a review, his Mobility Allowance was continued but was cut-off again when his new plan was assessed a few months later! After pointing this out to the reviewer, the allowance was continued but under a different item. The group learned that persistence is important to getting what you need!

Another participant, who had his spinal injury 12 years ago, spoke about flying for the first time on a holiday to Cairns. He absolutely loved it and would have done it years ago had he known how smooth it can be. Like many, he did not want to be too far from the safety of his home. On his return home, he found out about the Eagle Lift. He loved that airlines have these mobile hoists to assist people who cannot transfer on their own. He has got the travel bug now and is looking at planning future holidays.

The take home message from the meeting was to keep track of your health on a regular basis, even if you think you are doing well. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed socialising with one another over a delicious lunch served by the Borough Club.

Event Details

Wednesday, 10 Oct 2018

11:30 AM

The Borough Club

2/4 High Street, Eaglehawk VIC 3550

Available at venue

CVGT Disability Employment Services

Spire Team 9489 0777 (toll free 1800 999 128), [email protected]

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