Taste-testing Kinela home-delivered meals

31 July, 2019

It was a cold and rainy day for our July meeting but that didn’t stop us from meeting Erica, Project Coordinator from Kinela, and trying out home-delivered meals from the company.

Kinela is a social enterprise that supports people living with disability to eat healthy and to live independently. (The name combines the words kin and ela, the former meaning family and the latter meaning nurturing energy).

For example, you can have Kinela make and deliver frozen meals for once a week, for work lunches only, or for three meals every day. You can arrange it however you want, so that you have more time for other commitments.

Erica has experience in areas such as disability, mental health and Indigenous health.

She explained that Kinela offers:

  • Frozen meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) delivered to you;
  • Dietician support for wound management, meal planning, special dietary requirements, and health goals;
  • Speech pathologist and occupational therapist support;
  • Face to face (home or office) or telehealth communication;
  • Support to people regardless of their source of funding.


Afterwards, members had the opportunity to taste-test the heated meals, which included pesto pasta, mac and cheese, and vegetarian options. The verdict? “Better than expected.”

Erica said NDIS participants could pay as little as $2 per meal, with the NDIS covering the balance. For those who receive other funding, maximum cost would be $11.61 per meal.

Contact Erica on 03 8400 7397 or [email protected] for more information.

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