A lively lunch and some news of our neighbours

28 June, 2019

Bendigo Regional Network met in June over lunch at the recently renovated Bendigo RSL, where we welcomed a new member who had attended meetings with the neighbouring Ballarat network.

Our new member said he was looking forward to joining Ballarat, Bendigo AND Geelong regional network members at their monthly events, as it gave him much joy to share and learn from others.

He said each network was different in its group dynamics and interests, but all were just as friendly.

It was one of our more lively winter meetings, with nine members and their carers gathering at this warm and beautiful venue despite the chilly weather.

We had an enjoyable and productive meeting, with everyone sharing their knowledge and life experiences, making new friends, and just having a laugh over food and friendship.

Each group member also contributed to the Bendigo Information Booklet.

The Information Booklet is filling up with lots of great resources. When complete, it will be available to everyone in print or online as a directory of organisations recommended by local people with lived experience of SCI.

Details of our next event

Thursday, 11 Jul 2019

11:30 AM

St Andrews Uniting Church

26 Myers St, Bendigo VIC 3550

Available on surrounding streets

Introduction to Kinela, a social enterprise organisation that supports people living with disability to eat healthy and to lead independent lives.

Spire at 9489 0777 (toll free 1800 999 128) or [email protected]

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