A productive day of continence discussion then sailing on Lake Weeroona

16 December, 2019

On a sunny November day, the Bendigo Regional Network met at Mick’s Fish and Takeaway for a productive day of continence information, delicious fish and chips, and sailing.

First, the group learned about how a member was involved in the Royal Commission into Aged Care. The Network would like to recognise and congratulate Neale on his efforts in shedding light into young people living in aged care. You can read more about Neale’s experience here.

Afterwards the Network welcomed Jane, Registered Nurse and Continence Care Manager. Jane gave an informal presentation on Hollister, which is an organisation that provides individuals with support services and products for the bladder and bowel.

The group learned about the different ways that Hollister can support individuals living with SCI, such as catheters with new technology, free product samples, and a support program that provides free intermittent catheters to patients awaiting NDIS funding approval.

Hollister also have online resources for those looking for more information about managing bladder:

There are many organisations that provide continence support, so it is important to find one that will suit you best. For more information on Hollister, click on this link:

The presentation opened up discussion from the Network about health professionals who specialise in continence care. The group agreed it was important to provide lived experience feedback to all local doctors and staff that look after you. Although some staff may not appreciate being told what to do, it is best to assertively educate staff about what works best for you as an individual. This will result in a more comfortable and better experience for all.

After a delicious and crunchy fish and chips lunch, the Network made their way to the other end of Lake Weeroona Park for sailing with Bendigo Sailability. Sailability is open to people of all ages and abilities to learn to sail. The boats are weighted at the bottom so there is little chance of tipping over. A hoist for transfers, lifejackets, and chin-controlled assistive equipment are available. With the help of experienced volunteers and a rescue boat, sailors can learn to pull in the sails to catch the winds and maneuverer their boat across the lake.

The Bendigo Regional Network sailors tried sailing on their own, and eventually got a general idea of how to sail. However, catching the wind in the sails was harder than initially thought. Later, one of the volunteers explained to the group that sailing on a lake is different to sailing on open waters, as the trees and hills surrounding the lake can affect the direction of the wind.

The Sailability program is held once a month during the summer months. The next sailing dates for 2020 are 22nd January, 12th February and 4th March. For more information, contact Jasmine:

Details of our next event

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019

11:30 AM

PepperGreen Farm

40-44 Thunder St, North Bendigo VIC 3550

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Lunch, 2020 planning, becoming involved with Bendigo Council. If you cannot make it this meeting, please send through your ideas/ suggestions of what the Network should discuss when we meet with Council in 2020. 

Spire Team 9489 0777 (toll free 1800 999 128), [email protected]

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