Showing off competitive spirits at Eaglehawk Bowling Club

31 October, 2019

In October, the Bendigo Regional Network welcomed two new members to the group, and enjoyed a friendly competition at Eaglehawk Bowling Club’s new all abilities lawn bowling greens.  

The Network met at the Borough Club for a lovely lunch with the two new members, and shared their memories of the old pubs and clubs of Bendigo. The group also shared experiences on travel, public transport, and even a few shopping tips.

After lunch, the Network took the scenic route through the Botanical Gardens to reach the Eaglehawk Bowling Club, which was only less than 10 mins stroll from the Borough Club. They were met by the cheery Stephen, Bill and John –experienced bowlers and volunteers of the Club.

Stephen introduced the Club’s new specialised manual wheelchair, which had larger wheels and enabled people to go on the synthetic greens to roll the bowls. The Club also created specialised chutes, also known as ‘cannons’ that enabled people using a power chair to roll the bowls from the veranda.

The Club have seen over the years that people had trouble bowling out from their manual wheelchair. So the Club created the cannons, obtained the various lengths of the Bowler’s Arm of which 20% of all bowling members used, and applied for funding for the specialised wheelchair.

The aim of the game is to bowl as closely as possible to the small white ball. The Network thought that that this would be similar to tenpin bowling and would be easy, however, they realised quickly that the game required subtle techniques!

The group played using the cannons, which were cut out at the top, so the bowler can place the bowl at the upper or lower end. This determined how fast/ slow and far/ close the bowl will roll. The chute can also be moved left or right so the bowl will come out and curves at a different angle towards the white ball.

The bowlers (Network members) played a few ‘friendly’ games in two teams of two. Under the guidance of Stephen, Bill and John, the bowlers quickly learned how to play and were evenly matched, however as more bowls got on the field, the more difficult it was to get close to the white ball. Although Peter from Spire won most of the games, it must be noted, and remembered, that he had one bowl curve away from the white ball and onto the next pitch.

Afterwards, the Network and the Club volunteers had a well-earned thirst quencher inside the Club. It was an enjoyable day out trying something different, and the Network looks forward to bowling again in the near future.

Details of our next event

Wednesday, 13 Nov 2019

11:30 AM

Mick’s Fish and Takeaway

19 Nolan St, Bendigo VIC 3550

On surrounding streets

Lunch, and Sailability at the Bendigo Rowing Club from 1pm -2:30pm

Spire at 9489 0777 (toll free 1800 999 128) or [email protected]

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