A tee-rrific day playing golf using the free ParaGolfer

18 March, 2020

For the first meeting of 2020, the Geelong Regional Network learned about the new ParaGolfer located at Curlewis Golf Club, and welcomed a new member to the group.

Jamie (General Manager) and Steve (qualified all abilities coach) introduced the ParaGolfer, which is an all-terrain wheelchair that elevates the user into a standing position. This allows for a more conventional golf swing.

Use of the ParaGolfer is free – you only need to pay for how many golf-balls you want to hit.

Interested in this new technology, a few members then had a go. First, each individual used their own slide-board and carer to manually transfer into the ParaGolfer from their wheelchair. Transferring can be the trickiest part of the golf experience. Steve then used velcro straps at the legs, hip, and chest to hold the individual firmly in the ParaGolfer.

Though it was difficult at first, each member soon got the hang of hitting the golf ball well. Steve coached each member to swing the golf club and hit the golf ball at their own ability. The members commented that that felt safe in the ParaGolfer, enjoyed being able to stand up, and were surprised to find it was fun hitting the golf balls despite having no prior interest in golf.

Using the ParaGolfer is similar to using an electric wheelchair. There are hand controls which enables the individual to stand up a high as they are comfortable with. A golf club with straps is also available for anyone wanting a better hand grip.

Katie, from GenU, also joined the Network and provided some background on how they supported Curlewis Golf Club to purchase the ParaGolfer for the local community. GenU and other golf clubs are also aiming to make inclusive golf available at all golf courses in the Barwon region.

After the ParaGolfer session, the Network had lunch since the last meeting in 2019. It was a great day out trying something new and catching up with everyone again.  

Even if you are not interested watching or playing a game of golf, the Network encourages people to try the ParaGolfer to see how it suits you and provide feedback. There are a few ways to check out the ParaGolfer:

  1. Contact Curlerwis Golf Club and organise a session with all abilities coach, Steve Brodie.
  2. Go to one of the public Come and Try Days. Contact Katie from GenU for more information. Dates are found here.
  3. Another ParaGolfer is located at 13th Beach Golf Links in Barwon Heads. Contact all abilities coach, Scott Smith.
  4. Borrow the ParaGolfer and use it at another golf course. You can borrow the special trailer, located at 13th Beach Golf Links, to transport any of the ParaGolfers.

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