A hole in one: Yarra Bend Golf’s accessible mini golf course

8 April, 2020

For their first meeting of 2020, the Women with SCI Network enjoyed a competitive game of mini golf at Yarra Bend Golf in Fairfield, Melbourne.

Yarra Bend Golf recently renovated their mini golf course in response to community feedback for greater accessibility. There are two mini golf courses: the west and east side. The east side has 9 holes out of 18 that are flat and accessible. Follow the yellow lines to access the accessible part of the course.

Although the mini golf course has been used by individuals using wheelie walkers, the Women with SCI Network were the first group to try it.

It was a fun experience as most members of the group had not played mini golf before. As they played and learned, each member shared their tips on how to swing the golf club to their abilities, how to judge the angle when hitting the ball into the hole, and how much strength to use.

As one member observed, “Mini golf is like a bigger version of playing a game of pool.”

It was also a good opportunity to practice wheelchair skills, such as maneuvering and positioning oneself within the small area to comfortably hit the golf ball.

The Network also provided feedback to staff so future players can have a positive experience. 

It was an enjoyable and (very) competitive day. It was a close game between players.

The Network encourages everyone to give mini golf a try in the near future.


Details of our next event

Monday, 20 Apr 2020

01:00 PM

Zoom -online meeting

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