There is always something happening in the Victorian, or wider, SCI community and our aim is to keep you up to date. If you happen to know of an event that is of value to the community, please get in touch with us so that we could share it with the community.

Bendigo SCI Regional Network Meeting - August 2018
6 September, 2018

For the August meeting, the Bendigo SCI Regional Network met at the Bendigo Library to reflect on last month’s meeting and to discuss future meeting topics. The group was also joined by Jenny, NDIS Support Coordinator from Bendigo Health, who shared her experiences of supporting NDIS clients.

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Bendigo SCI Regional Network Meeting - July 2018
7 August, 2018

On Wednesday 11 July, the Bendigo SCI Regional Network met at the warm Borough Club to learn more about superannuation and income investment. Darren Flett, Financial Advisor and Director at Jackman Flett & Associates, had a wealth of knowledge to share with the group.

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Bendigo SCI Regional Network Meeting - June 2018
5 July, 2018

The latest Bendigo SCI Regional Network meeting was held at the Rising Sun Hotel on Wednesday 13th June, which had good food and access. The special guest for the meeting was Mark Gaines, a travel consultant with Holiday Roads Travel. 

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Bendigo Regional SCI Network Meeting – May 2018
4 June, 2018

The May meeting of the Bendigo SCI Regional Network was held at one of the meeting rooms of the beautiful and accessible Bendigo Library, where the Network discussed about accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The Network welcomed Spire’s own NDIS specialist, Fiona, who shared her vast knowledge of the NDIS to help the individuals access the scheme to its full potential. Spire’s Peter Van Benthem was also present with his wealth of lived experience and humour.

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1 May, 2018

The April meeting of the Bendigo SCI Regional Network was held at the Bendigo Stadium Bistro, where the group welcomed guest speaker William, from Active Rehab.

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