Pathways to Employment - Advisory Group

15 December, 2015

The Advisory Group for the project Pathways to Employment Post-SCI: Peer-Facilitated Support is made up of professionals within and outside of the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and disability sector; academics and people with lived-experience of SCI.

Pathways to Employment is a project that focuses on the importance of finding one’s way to meaningful activity whether it’s work, study, volunteering or community participation in a person’s life. We seek to utilise individual’s lived-experience, to identify common facilitators and barriers and to develop targeted supports and resources to help widen the flow of people navigating their own pathways to employment.

Spire is seeking to build a suite of services targeting employment outcomes for people with SCI including; returning to pre-injury employment, achieving open employment, self-employment and small business enterprise; services which could include short courses, individual and/or group capacity building and direct mentoring.

These services will be developed with a view of becoming supports, which would align with the rollout of NDIS and other Victorian insurance-based schemes such as TAC and WorkCover.

Throughout the second half of 2015 Spire individually consulted with researchers, vocational consultants, careers advisors and a representative group of people with lived-experience in navigating their own pathways to employment post-SCI to gain some individual perspectives and experiences.

It is from these consultations that the Advisory Group was formed, a group of people that have, and will continue to provide, valuable insight, knowledge and experience in helping us shape the Pathways to Employment project as we come into 2016.

View the notes from the Advisory Group meeting here and watch a short short wrap-up video from some of the group members.

"The project focuses on the importance of finding one's way to meaningful activity post-SCI"

The group currently comprises:

Peter Trethewey (CEO, AQA), Harin Corea (Development Coordinator, Spire), Emma Bloom (Project Officer, Spire), Naz Erdem (Team Leader, Spire).

Greg Murphy (Professor of Rehabilitation Psychology, La Trobe University), Gill Hilton (PhD Candidate & Senior OT with Victorian Spinal Cord Service), Julie Wong (Vocational Consultant, Spinal Integration Service & Senior Clinician, Workcom), Pam Beaumont (Vocational Consultant, Spinal Integration Service), Tina Margaritis (Careers Advisor, Coach and Psychologist, Swinburne University of Technology), John Koumourou (Global Supply Chain Innovation & Strategic Project Manager, HP), Shane Brand (IT Contractor, Software Testing Management), Sal Dema (Manager, Peer Support & Creative Therapies, Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre), Hilary Ash (Social Worker), Steve Callinan (Rehabilitation Counselling student, La Trobe University).

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