Stephanie’s Melbourne Marathon Mission!

17 November, 2017

Since her spinal injury in 2008, Stephanie Jones has worked relentlessly to raise money for various spinal cord injury programs in the UK. In 2017 she trained hard to raise money for Spire.

Inspired by her friendship with Spire volunteer and top Australian Para Equestrian rider, Emma Booth, Stephanie took part in the Melbourne Marathon on Sunday October 15. She ran a total of 42.2kms in just over four and half hours and raised over $7,000 for Spire!

After personally experiencing a crushed T12 vertebrae and becoming friends with Emma, she dedicated 2017 to raising money for Spire.

“I am motivated to support their peer-facilitated and peer-informed services, projects and supports that help others living with a SCI to deal with the issues of everyday life,” she says.

Her journey preparing for the Melbourne Marathon has been long and not without challenges. After a devastating netball injury, which resulted in a stretched joint and contortion fracture, Stephanie had to cease training for the marathon, but was eventually given the all clear from her doctor.

Stephanie’s motivation to raise funds for SCI programs stems from her appreciation and respect for the families of those in the SCI community, who remain supportive and dedicated to their loves ones in the toughest of times.

“When tragedy strikes, the families and loved ones of those affected also need support on their journey of living with SCI,” she says.

Stephanie is fortunate to have had the opportunity to recover from her spinal injury in 2008, and is now running for those who can’t. She says it’s important to keep moving forward, to make the best of what you’ve got, and enjoy the time you have.

“I'm so privileged and overwhelmingly grateful to be able to feel my legs aching and burning. I'm lucky I can run at all and today was for all those people who can't,” she says.

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