Coronavirus and COVID-19 resources and tools

26 March, 2020

Have you been bowled over by the flood of news on coronavirus? Here are some online sources and tools that could help you find your feet.

At AQA Spire we like to keep things as real as we can, and we see no reason to change that for the coronavirus pandemic.

So let's say up front that we are not experts on COVID-19 and how to avoid it. But we do need to be well informed, so that we can help our community stay healthy and safe.

Our information comes from authoritative sources, such as websites maintained by the Australian and Victorian departments of health. We thought it might help the AQA community to point to our best sources from a single place.

So we created a page at the website for our sister service, AQA Qualcare, that offers links to these sources. It also has links to some handy resources, such as posters and online diagnostic tools.

Where we have needed to communicate about coronavirus with our volunteers, and with AQA staff and their clients, we have done so through direct channels such as mail, email and phone. We will keep doing that.

But anyone can use the AQA and coronavirus disease (COVID-19) page as an aid to your research. From time to time we may update it to reflect fresh developments.

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