Peer Health tips for the age of COVID-19

21 September, 2020

The Spire Peer Health team has pulled together a thought-provoking guide to charting a course with your support team into a future where we manage and live around COVID-19.

Not everyone can avoid falling ill with the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, by just holing up at home and bolting the door shut.

If normal life for you includes visits from your support team, your options for social and physical distancing are fewer and your close contacts may be more numerous. You’ll be spending quality time not just with others from your household but with a number of support workers as well.

And they may have other close contacts. So both staying healthy and minimising the potential for cross-infection might get complicated.

The Spire volunteer Peer Support team have put their heads together and compiled a logical approach to 

This collection of tips and suggestions may confirm your own foresight. Alternatively, it may raise possibilities that you hadn't considered.

navigating the brave new world that we entered in January, when Australia’s first case of COVID-19 was confirmed.

Increasingly COVID-19 has changed our world and it looks like we’ll be in this covid-world for some time yet.

Its likely you’ve given a fair bit of attention to these matters yourself and have put your procedures in place.

This collection of tips and suggestions may confirm your own foresight. Alternatively, it may raise possibilities you hadn’t considered.

The guide is not intended as a substitute for keeping up with authoritative information and health recommendations, as public knowledge of the coronovirus and its behaviour develops.

Rather, it is intended to add to that knowledge some wisdom drawn from the experience of living with a spinal cord injury or other condition that requires you to work with a care/support team.

You can open the guide as a PDF document, and download it.

You may also find it helpful to read the recent blog from medical educator and Spire Peer Health mentor Mario D'Cruz, who offers ways to minimise your risk of contracting COVID-19 from aerosol transmission. I'd like to thank Mario, who is also a GP, for the big role he played in compiling the guide.

Author Peter Van Benthem is Peer Support Coordinator with AQA/Spire. Peter has been living with a C4 complete Spinal Cord Injury since 1999.

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