Community living expos

What's Out There (WOT) Days

Several times a year, we hold community living expos, called WOT (What's Out There) Days which showcase the possibilities of life with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) in the community.

We bring in people who have been living for with SCI in the community for some years to share their lived experiences e.g. hobbies, travel, families, leisure options, home modification, transport, tips and tricks and much more, with those more recently injured.

A typical WOT day program would start off with a panel discussion where panel members speak of what their journeys were like when they returned to the community, what they currently do and how they do it. This is followed by a Q&A session from the audience.

This would be followed by a BBQ lunch where panel members and the audience have a chance to mingle and talk informally. Lunch is followed by small group discussions to discuss problem-solving and different scenarios ranging from banking, shopping, transport, clothing, planning modified equipment including vehicles, etc. Nothing is off the table at these discussions with members often discussing bowel, bladder, relationships and sexuality issues.

"It was good to hear directly from people who are living in the community about how they do things."

"It was great to see how sport could still be a regular part of my life"

The final event of the day is usually a demonstration game of a wheelchair sport (e.g. rugby, basketball, handball)

Throughout the day, there is also an indoor and outdoor exhibition where people can see and try the various equipment that is available to people with SCI. The exhibits usually include information from various organisations, modified sporting and leisure equipment, various types of modified vehicles, etc.

WOT days are typically held on a Wednesday in April, August and December at the Royal Talbot Rehab Centre

Upcoming WOT Days

The dates for 2022 are 13 April, 17 August. and 7 December.

WOT Days are free for people with SCI and their families and friends. Get in touch with AQA to register your interest or to suggest someone you know who might be interested.

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