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With our ever growing knowledge of the NDIS and people's experiences in transitioning int the scheme, we have developed targeted supports to help our community get the most out of the NDIS and avoid common pitfalls in navigating the system. We offer a lived experience based suite of supports and services.

NDIS Workshops

We provide free monthly NDIS workshops targeted specifically to people with SCI and similar complex physical disabilities. These sessions provide and overview of the NDIS and are suitable for

  • People entering the NDIS and their family/friends who support them.
  • People approaching plan renewals
  • People going for plan reviews.

The sessions are casual and interactive and tailored to meet the needs of the participants with plenty of time for individual questions and answers.

"Free workshops to help you understand the NDIS"

"We'll work with you to get you the best possible NDIS plan to meet your needs"

Pre-planning assistance

We can help you prepare for your planning meeting by working with you to identify goals and develop a participant statement which would ensure you have the appropriate types and amounts of funding allocated which are relevant to your individual situation and personal priorities.


Drawing from the 1,200 individuals living with SCI, with whom we are networked, as well as relevant organisations and professionals, we will help you troubleshoot any NDIS concerns or queries where possible.

Peer Support

We'll connect you with other's who have gone through the process before. Talking to someone with lived experience of SCI (or similar physical complex disability) who has navigated part or all of the NDIS planning process can be invaluable in helping you navigate the NDIS.

NDIS Support Coordination

NDIS Support coordination is a funded support that you can get in your first plan. This is meant to help you build your capacity to implement your plan and achieve your goals. We are registered to provide this under the NDIS and we use a lived experience approach to help you start and implement your plan, find and connect with appropriate services and help you with preparing for your plan review as it comes due.

Even if you don't have this included in your current plan, we'll explore ways of providing you with this service.

"We'll help you implement your plan to achieve your goals"

Contact us if you would like to access any of these services or if you have any questions regarding the NDIS

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