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This is a space where people living with SCI and like disability share their lived-experience views, tips, tricks and thoughts around navigating the NDIS. It is a place to discuss issues and concerns, and share successes and barriers. By sharing people’s lived-experience of the NDIS and what they have learnt, we hope to help others as they navigate their own NDIS journey.

Content can range from personal blogs, to informative articles, short tips and tricks and useful resources. We invite you to contribute your own experiences as well; the good, the bad and everything in between. Feel free to comment on articles or contact us to provide your own.

The NDIS Merry Go Round
21 May, 2018

Wayne, a non-compensated person living with a T4 spinal cord injury, shares his experience of navigating the NDIS, a completely new world to what he previously knew and experienced.

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Transition to NDIS: Response from Dr Lisa Chaffey
2 February, 2018

In response to ‘Transition to the NDIS - Barbara’s story’ in the December 2017 issue of NewsLink, NDIS and TAC registered Occupational Therapist and wheelchair user Dr Lisa Chaffey shares with us some ideas on how to get the best out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

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Transition to the NDIS - Barbara's story
9 September, 2017

Barbara shares her experience navigating through the transition process from her local service provider to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

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Why I Am Apprehensive About the NDIS
22 May, 2016

Feeling apprehensive about the NDIS, Lachlan shares his thoughts and experiences so far around the complexities of the new Disability Scheme.

He also explores the importance of taking breaks and enjoying passions and hobbies - and for Lachlan that is Melbourne City Wrestling!!

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