Dave Jacka Volunteer

Dave Jacka

"With passion, and persistence to reach your goal, seemingly impossible obstacles can be overcome if you 'Do It Differently'!"

Dave has many notable achievements to his name since his motorbike accident in 1988. He has represented Australia in in wheelchair rugby at the 1996 Paralympic Games, and retrained in engineering, establishing a successful career as a project manager. Dave is married.

A qualified recreational pilot, in 2013, Dave achieved a world first – becoming the first person with quadriplegia to fly solo around Australia. In 2016, Dave completed his toughest challenge, becoming the first person with quadriplegia to paddle the 2,226 km length of the Murray River, from Lake Hume to the sea.

Dave is passionate about challenging community perceptions of what a person with a disability can achieve, by doing things differently, such as through the design of innovative engineering solutions, or engaging the support of people within the community to help achieve his adventures.

You can read David's blog about his experience paddling the entire length of the Murray river here, and visit his personal webpage here.


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Dave Jacka is living with C5 complete spinal cord injury for the past 34 years.