Emma Booth Volunteer

Emma Booth

"If we accept that some things have changed and allow ourselves to adapt and learn new ways to do things, anything is within our capabilities"

Emma Booth is an Australian Equestrian Paralympian who competes in Para Dressage. Emma was paralysed in 2013 after being involved in a very serious car accident. Only six months after sustaining the life changing injury, Emma was back in the saddle and learning to ride a horse without the use of her legs. She made her paralympic debut at Rio in 2016, placing 5th in her dressage event.

Since her injury, Emma has continued her passion for horses and uses a quad bike with hand controls to harrow the paddocks and discovered a way of  mucking out the stables in her chair. You can read Emma's blog about her journey back from injury onwards here.


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Emma Booth is living with L2 complete spinal cord injury for the past 9 years.