Georgina Forentino

"I found the peer support service to be invaluable when I was going through rehab, which is why I wanted to give back by becoming a peer support volunteer myself"

Georgina works part time as an accountant and lives with her husband and 2 dogs. She enjoys shopping, socializing and keeping fit with regular walks, swimming and gym workouts.

Georgina's other interests include participating in fun runs and traveling both locally and internationally, including Fiji and the US.

One of the highlights of her trip to the US with her husband was the road trip from LA to San Francisco and onto Las Vegas via the beautiful Yosemite National Park. A big trip to Europe is a dream and hopefully next on her travel agenda.

Georgina has been living with a T7 (complete) Spinal Cord Injury since 2003. Her injury was caused by a spinal cord infarct as a result of SLE with Antiphospholipid Syndrome. You can read a blog article written by Georgina on her perceptions of body image post-injury here.


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Georgina is living with T7 complete spinal cord injury for the past 19 years.