John Adams Volunteer

John Adams

"Interested in horse racing, cricket, lawn bowls, movies, travel and property development"

John worked in the racing industry for 30 years (most of them post‐injury) as a Senior Executive. Part of those duties included managing the jump riders team which has taken him all over the world, he has visited 38 countries total by plane, train and boat. He’s also worked as a Disability Access Consultant. These days he’s busy writing books, columns and articles, all centred around sport. One of his recently published books is ‘Over the hurdles: the history of jumping racing in Australia’. Another book published in 2014, with co‐writer Dr. Turf is "Great Australian Sports Rorts: From Dodgy Dogs to Nobbled Nags”.


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John Adams is living with T6 complete spinal cord injury for the past 38 years.