John Savinov Volunteer

John Savinov

"Outgoing and always keen to try new things. Water skiing is next on the list!"

John is a part-time Gymnastic Trampoline coach and keen wheelchair tennis player, who has lived with a C5, C6 complete SCI, due to a trampolining accident in 2001, while working as an acrobat.

Having been a Gymnastics coach and an acrobat in the circus previously, John has continued to pursue  his love for thrill-seeking, from snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, to skiing and skydiving. Water skiing is next on his to-do list!

John underwent a tendon transfer operation to improve triceps movement and hand grip, and drives a coupe that has been modified with hand controls and a spinner knob. He has successfully traveled internationally post injury, making several visits to Russia, and travelling through Tokyo, Hong Kong and Dubai. Apart from work and sports, John enjoys the theatre, circus and live shows.


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John Savinov is living with C5 complete spinal cord injury for the past 21 years.