Kath Volunteer

Katherine Reed

"I have never let my SCI stop me from doing the things I have always loved!"

Katherine is unstoppable. She currently runs a farm, is renovating a house, works as a Disability Support Worker, competes internationally and interstate in wheelchair basketball, AND is planning her wedding!

Oh, and she completed a solo road trip to Darwin and back via Alice Springs ( and recently completed a Diploma in Horse Business Management (which involved riding 4‐5 days a week as part of the course requirement.)

Katherine lives with a T4, T5 complete SCI as a result of a horse-riding accident in 2008, and uses a manual wheelchair and standing frame. She drives a Volkswagen Golf modified with hand controls, and lives with her fiance in Tasmania. 

Katherine has also been the inspiration for her mum, Annette, to start Rural Help at Hand ( that aims to offer help and support to rural people who suffer a debilitating injury or illness. Recently, Katherine has been writing a blog on her experience with pregnancy and childbirth as a para, which you can read at


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Kath is living with T4 complete spinal cord injury for the past 14 years.