Lynne Volunteer

Lynne Panayiotis

"I try not to let it stop me."

In the face of daily challenges, Lynne, a part time Peer Support Volunteer and administrative worker, lives with one motto,"Ï try not to let it stop me." Lynne lives with an L1, T12 SCI, which occurred due to a bus accident overseas, which also resulted in one of her legs being amputated below the knee.

She recently started playing wheelchair basketball to keep fit, and has undertook a road-trip to Alice Springs, a caravan trip to Tasmania, and has been on a Norwegian Fjord cruise. Also, with a multitude of nieces and nephews, she’s never short of company!

Lynne drives a station wagon, modified with hand controls and a roof hoist. Some of the equipment she uses to get around are a manual wheelchair, a basketball chair, hand cycle, freedom wheel, accessible caravan and a garden trolley.

She lives independently in a modified house with access ramps, kitchen with under bench space, modified bathroom, laundry with raised washing machine & dryer and a specially built sink. Lynne enjoys gardening and has modified raised garden beds.


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Lynne is living with T12 spinal cord injury for the past 16 years.