Mal Volunteer

Mal Noble

"Classic cars and caravanning are two of my passions."

Mal is a semi-retired registered builder and property developer, who has lived with a T10, T9 complete SCI since a work accident in 1991.

Mal is passionately involved in the Teenagers involved in Road Accidents Group (TRAG), a group set up following the death of his son. He lives with his wife in a house he built himself, with a lift and an accessible bathroom. To get around, he uses a manual wheelchair and an arm cycle.

Mal enjoys travel and has considerable experience under his belt, having been to the USA, Hong Kong,Alaska, Canada, Dubai, Hawaii and Egypt, to name a few. Among his other interests are building, classic cars and motor sports. Cars being one of his passions, he drives a Saab station wagon modified with hand controls and uses a low profile cushion for seating. He also owns two beautiful classics, a ’66 Thunderbird and a ’62 Sunbeam Alpine!

He plans on spending retirement caravan-ing with his wife around Australia. Good plan Mal!


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Mal is living with T9 complete spinal cord injury for the past 31 years.