Marcus Volunteer

Marcus Sander

"Inspired by Wayne, I want to do the same for others."

Marcus is a retired police instructor/trainer who is passionate about fitness and sport, and enjoys rowing, kayaking, gym, surfing, travelling, and walking his dogs. After 28 successful years in law enforcement at the state and federal level, he officially retired recently, and now engages in some consulting and training delivery projects post-SCI. Marcus lives with a T6, T7 complete SCI, which happened after a motorcycle accident in 2012.

Marcus has always been passionate about being active and fit, and was back into his fitness soon after returning home from rehab, attending a wheelie exercise group once a week at GESAC, which he thinks is “bloody amazing”. Marcus's current sport is Wheelchair AFL, which he had the pleasure of captaining at the state and national level, in 2017. He loves going out for his daily five kilometre pushes with his two French Bulldogs and English Staffy, when the weather permits! He also takes boxing classes, does hydro, and rows in a single scull three times a week.

Marcus enjoys travelling, and has visited New Zealand, Bali and Thailand.

Marcus drives a fully modified Volkswagen Multivan (2017). He uses a manual wheelchair and a cable cross-over home gym to work out. He lives in his own home, which has a modified kitchen and bathroom, access ramps and widened doors. Together with his wonderful and supportive partner of six years, they are currently undergoing IVF treatments to start a family.

Marcus has become a mentor because of his own experience of being inspired by another peer support volunteer, Wayne. In Marcus's words, “Wayne was instrumental in my recovery." Marcus is keen on helping and providing advice to others living with an SCI, with regards to overseas travel, engaging and getting back into sports and recreation post-SCI.


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Marcus is living with T6 complete spinal cord injury for the past 10 years.