Mario D'Cruz

"Peer support showed me I could live as a quadraplegic and live well. It helped me to accept what I thought was an unacceptable condition"

Mario was in training to become a surgeon in 2001 when he acquired a C5-C6 complete Spinal Cord Injury due to a traffic accident. Since his injury, he has continued to work in the medical profession.

Mario is very involved with his large extended family and a broad network of colleagues and friends. Eating and drinking with family and friends is important to him, with help from his carers he likes cooking for them as well as dining out. He is partial to coffee, beer, android devices, Wikipedia and the Carlton Football Club.

Mario would like to use his medical knowledge and his lived experience as a quadriplegic to assist others living with spinal injury. He is happy to discuss medical issues and to offer advice or act as a liaison with care providers.

Mario is living with C5 complete spinal cord injury for the past 21 years.