Mark Balfour Volunteer

Mark Balfour

"Part-time plumber with a variety of passions. "

Mark is a part‐time plumber (supervision) and does volunteer work at CamCare. He lives with a C4 incomplete SCI (walking), which was caused when he fell off a ladder in 2009.

Being an active sportsperson before his injury, he continues to be active post‐injury, attending the gym regularly and alternating between exercising, hydrotherapy, and the sauna and spa. He appreciates a wide range of interests, from politics, AFL and gardening to the environment and spiritual growth (Buddhism, mindfulness, retreats). He also enjoys attending the University of the Third Age (U3A) with his father, and attending classes on a variety of topics.

Having been a plumber before his SCI, Mark continues with his plumbing business, acting on a mostly supervisory level, using his sons’ strength for the manual labour.

He uses a recumbent bike and an electric trike, which he uses to get around locally, and it even has a basket on the back that the dog can sit in! Other special equipment used  by him is a suppository inserter.

He drives a sedan modified with a spinner knob and left hand side accelerator pedal. He lives at home with his wife, three young adult children and his elderly father. The home has been modified with added banisters and hand rails, and a chair lift for his elderly father.

Mark has traveled interstate.


LxQuad, LxWalker, LxCareSupport, LxStandingTransfer , LxSelfDrivingSedan, LxSport,LxTravel 

Mark Balfour is living with C4 incomplete spinal cord injury for the past 13 years.